capital d for done

I’m sitting in bed, on a cold freezing winters night, alone, having just returned from a date. Not the kind of date to write about either. Yup, it was that dull. So dull in fact, that I had to fake illness to be able to leave after two glasses of (bad) wine.

I wouldn’t be feeling so bad if I the dullest of dull dates wasn’t off the back of a recent night with trouble (another story entirely – he’s recently single I might add), a shamefully embarrassing evening with No Name (where he couldn’t have made me feel more like an idiot if he tried), a fun night with the Rugby Boy (again, nothing more than that – fun) and a obsessive pyscho from my office (not only my office, but two seats away from my desk).

I’m really starting to wonder if there is a relationship out there for me. I’m not blaming them – the male sex – not entirely anyway, but I really just don’t ever feel that spark anymore. Maybe it’s me but since Trouble and the Rugby Boy – zero sparks have flown.

2016 has been a bit of a shitter for me really and in all honestly, I’m not sure I can stomach another year of dating.

I think I’m Done.

Sex and the City re-runs make me way happier than me seem to… at the end of the day, you gotta do what makes you happy – right?!

xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥



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