the big c

Chemistry. You’ve got it, or you don’t. And boy when you’ve got it good, you know it.

I recently ‘caught up’ with the Rugby Boy. Yeh, remember him? #babe. After many failed attempts at a late night meet up, this weekend he messages me, hops in an uber, picks me up from the party I am at and whisk’s me back home. The instant he collects me from the other side of the road to walk me back to the car (for a booty call, he is quite the gentleman huh?) we can’t keep our hands, or lips, off each other. The grins on both of our faces would give the Cheshire cat a run for his money. I had almost forgotten the spark him and I have. It’s like an elastic band is taught between us only just holding us back and it’s only a matter of seconds before it snaps and we ping towards each other for the rest of the night.

We sit around chatting, drinking wine and just hanging out – but we both know that there is only one thing we want to do.

The passion is second to none. I used to read the word “devoured” in chick lit novels and giggle and scoff… but with The Rugby Boy, that word couldn’t be more accurate. We literally can’t get enough of each another.

I am consumed in constant laughter, passion and even engulfing cuddle’s. While I know what it is and exactly what it isn’t, he still does a good job of making me feel like I’m not being the kinda of girl I actually am being with him. He remembers everything about me from our dates last year and our similar encounter earlier this year, brings up things about my recent weekends away, asks questions about home. I’m not getting all soppy reading in to this side of the Show Pony, don’t get me wrong – but it’s nice that there’s a level of familiarity with him.

I’m having the time of my life. That is until he jumps out of bed in a panic at 6am, gets dressed and leaves.

He had mentioned earlier in the night how bad he felt about his early exit the first time we had a late night encounter and off his own bat he promised me he would stay the night this time, that he would cuddle me to sleep and we would wake up together. I laughed, but agreed “yeh, you will this time, thanks”.

Now only a few hours later, the aftermath of a night out has hit, and he’s in a sleepless panic. He’s apologising profusely as he’s dressing himself and smothering my face in kisses while explaining his need for sleep and panic over not getting any. I guess I get it, he’s been out all night thus the uppers are keeping him too up and sometimes you just need the comfort of your own home and bed to start coming back down to be able to sleep. But still. It hurts. I feel ashamed.

The instant the front door shuts my phone beeps. An apology, an explanation. Way to make a girl feel sh*t I can’t help but reply. Another apology comes through to which I don’t respond. As I lay there thinking about it, I realise I did the the same thing recently to No Name didn’t I? I can’t hold this against the Rugby Boy when I know how those late night panic feels.

Midday rolls around and another, more apology and explanation comes through along with a bit of chit-chat Bless him. We know exactly what this is…so why the apology and explanation influx?

The next morning I have a message from him on my phone – another apology and explanation. This is just weird now. We’re pure chemistry, we’re nothing more – so to be honest it kinda weirds me out. I reply noting the two early exits but finish it with a flirty three strikes you and you’re out line…trying my best to do this fun, cheeky, no strings thing. But here’s where I’m a bit confused, I haven’t heard from him since that? I don’t want or expect anything more than what it is, but it makes me realise I do like hearing from him. No strings isn’t really my thing, but why should an almost 30, single lady not have her fun? And to be honest, when it comes to him – the chemistry is just too good, I know I can’t help myself.

I used to give ups to Trouble for our chemistry….but Rugby Boy and I are something else. It’s addictive.


I’m hooked.


to be continued…

xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥


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