i wasn’t expecting that

…remember No Name? The guy I met and kissed about a year and a half ago before Trouble’s move to the UK? The one who I liked and the one who Trouble kicked off about at Christmas time? Yeah, the one who then friend zoned me. Him.

Well I haven’t seen him since said friend zone night – that was in January. It’s now the middle of September, I have almost forgotten what he looks like. I turn up at a friends leaving party and the instant I see him I feel my stomach flip a little. Nerves, butterflies, embarrassment – I’m not really sure what it is, I guess just the shock of seeing someone you put yourself out there with all those months ago and rejects you makes you go a little funny huh.

I spend the night talking with friends and catching up with everyone. I don’t speak to him at all, I don’t even acknowledge him actually until about 3 hours in to the party. I’m not purposefully ignoring him, but I’m also not wanting to put myself out there again, make the effort to talk and be denied. I’m more than happy busy and social. I feel his eyes on me a few times, making sure I don’t catch his eyes back for more than a split second. He friend zoned me last time i saw him after all, I’m still embarrassed, I can’t have him think that my crush is only dormant. Extinct all the way – even if it’s not the whole truth.

The instant we eventually speak the pang of chemistry is back.  Dam it. I was hoping that spark had gone. I don’t even understand what it is. He definitely isn’t he show pony I’m so naturally attracted to. He’s not the biggest babe in the room. He’s not the loudest, funniest or the centre of attention. Why is it that mindless chat still brings up the attraction I have been buying since I last saw him.

We walk off in different directions, but he instantly beelines back for me after getting a drink at the bar. Weird. Everyone around us is making plans for where to go next, he looks at me and says a simple hello. I ‘hey’ back questionably and somewhat confused and he repeats his hello again, and again while looking at me almost from under his eyes. Is he flirting? There’s no flirting in the friend zone though – right, duh. Snap out of it Bambi.

Everyone’s ordering taxi’s when he asks what I’m planning on doing. Going to the after party of course, I reply. He leans down and whispers in my ear;

“Wanna runaway? Shall we escape?”

The look on my face must perfectly describe how I feel, as I needn’t say anything and he repeats himself. I tell him I want to party with everyone else – he tells me he wants to be with just me. While I weigh up my options and try to work out how I’m in this situation, he grabs my hand…

“Come on. Come with me – let’s get out of here”

…before I know it, I’m being pulled through the pub out the back in to the closed courtyard trying to get out of the padlocked gate away from everyone. The off-duty staff act as the accomplices to our great escape – and just as it hits me that we’ve made it, the gate is closed behind me and he turns me around, grabs my face and kisses me.

Well there’s no denying it. The spark is more than there. We hail a taxi and make our way to my flat. I’ve never had a more movie like getaway or taxi ride in my life. Sorry driver.

We’re all adults here, we know what happens next. I guess the tension between No Name and I has been building since last April when we first kissed – but still,

I wasn’t expecting that.

xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥


3 thoughts on “i wasn’t expecting that

  1. Beautifully written, I just love the way you express such complex feelings and thoughts in an easy to understand and to relate to manner. I will certainly keep reading you. A bientot!

    Liked by 2 people

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