pattern / trend / curse

The night before The Runner arrived, I went on a date. Date two with The Mould Breaker.

It was a lovely evening, it truly was. We got along great, our conversation flowed, I giggled, I found him interesting, we talked about home, about travel and about the life we left behind.

I didn’t get as drunk as I embarrassingly did on our first date and surprised myself by enjoying date two even more than date one.

We were saying our goodbyes when I knew the real test was coming. Would he kiss me and more importantly, would I like it.

The answer is yes – on both parts. Pleasantly surprised. The Mould Breaker manned up, and it worked in both our favours.

I almost skipped the first few steps of my walk home, found myself grinning when I saw he had messaged me the instant I walked through the door and felt secretly a little excited at the thought of the third date he broached.

Oh but wait, remember that pattern I seem to have, where the guys I like live overseas? Don’t forget, The Mould Breaker seems to be following suit and is heading home in a few months. Is he turning this pattern in to a trend? Pattern, trend or coincidence, it’s making me start to wonder if actually, it’s more like a curse.

Do I even bother with date three? Or do I kill the curse by killing the potential?


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