April 2016

dhc hasn’t been given much attention of late, I’m not sure if it’s because I have been so busy (truth) or if it’s because I’m genuinely trying to not focus on my love life – or lack there of. While cathartic and a great outlet for my real, true feelings, logging in brings back so many memories; the highs, the lows – of him, of me, of us. So sometimes I get the feeling I should stay away … starve the bug or whatever that old saying is.

However there have been a few developments of late – nothing good, nothing bad. But interesting nonetheless (agreeance optional).

Rugby boy

Yes – Rugby boy popped back in to my life…and departed as quickly as he appeared. I knew what it was and all it would be before he arrived at my house that fateful birthday week Friday night…but even when you go in to a situation like this, you always deep down kinda want them to want you afterward… don’t you?

We had a night of fun, laughter, passion and the best colouring of my life (Sorry, another Carrie Bradshaw reference…). And that was that. I have heard from him since; he made the contact, we were chatting – but the last I heard from him was at 3am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning asking if I wanted to come over.  A simple “haha…” was the extent of my reply.

Chemistry isn’t everything.

Mould breaker

The mutual friend via Tinder guy came back in to my life too – this time through Facebook. Photos resurfaced through said mutual friends, it reminded him we never ended up going for that drink so he decide to add me on Facebook.

He isn’t my type nor do I find him particularly attractive in photos. But. It’s fair to say that my type isn’t exactly working out so well for me is it….Rugby Boy and Trouble – cut from the same mould. Enter; the show pony. Good looking, arrogant, cheeky, fun, flirtacious and usually a rugby player. While I am insanely attracted to this type – Rugby Boy & Trouble, case in point – and have an instant chemistry comparable to none but each other, in my recent and very recent experience, they’re not the guy you settle with. Thus, I need to break the pattern, break the mould.

Enter; the Mould Breaker. I decided to go on a date with him and it was good. The conversation flowed, he was well dressed, he was nice, but not too nice, he was funny and down to earth – he was a normal guy really. My heart didn’t race, I didn’t have butterflies, but I was comfortable, relaxed and completely myself. After a few wines I found I wanted to kiss him and was slightly disappointed by the quick peck goodnight….which is a good sign – right? We’ve been chatting since so i’m hoping it wasn’t just the wine that produced the desire for a kiss, but only time (and a second date) will tell. Word on the street is that we might be heading along to Notting Hill markets this weekend….quite a cute second date if you ask me.


Well… he’s still an entire blog post of his own. In short; he’s upped his contact, his serious flirtation is back, he’s obsessively drunk dialled me and we’ve met up for a drink that turned in to a night of partying till 3am at a gay bar in Soho. I still adore him, I always will. Just not in the I want to be with you way.

*reminding myself he is a show pony…*


distanced hearts club ♥


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