life lessons

February 2016

They say you should always see the good in people

They say it’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all

They say you should give people the benefit of the doubt

/ / /

I’m starting to wonder if I agree. I’ve followed the rules of the above lessons like it were a textbook with Trouble for the last three years and all I have received back is heartache, deceit and humiliation.

Trouble is seeing her. And in this delightful revelation amid the most important week yet in my career, I seem to have been dealt my own life lesson.

While I have always seen the good in Trouble no matter how blurred my vision should have been, gone through the pain of losing the love that we had, and given him more than his fair share of benefits of the doubt….it turns out that I still didn’t deserve hadn’t earned the respect to be told about his new relationship by he himself.

I had to find out through social media. On Valentines day.

This blow was one too low. Are these life lessons really worth living by?

distanced hearts club ♥




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