lesson learned

The week and a half following ‘the incident’ was a pretty weird time. I felt completely out of sorts and not at all myself. After a bit of research and lots of talking, Saron posed the idea that perhaps my drink was spiked that fateful night.

I had never given it a second thought, but now that I think back, it makes sense. I’m really conscious of not being the girl who blames someone or something else for a poor drunken decision – but I’m no girl who cried wolf. After Saron’s research, too many symptoms of drink spiking mirrored exactly what I experienced;

  • loss of motor skills
  • loss of vision
  • loss of hearing
  • loss of memory
  • loss of inhibition

…and I only had half a glass of wine more than Tweedles. May I add, Tweedles is the queen of bad hangovers yet after a night drinking nearly the exact same amount, wasn’t hungover the next day – yet here I was fainting, dizzy, shaking and very ill.

I’m still not claiming anything that went on wasn’t consensual but what happened only happened due to a lack complete loss of all inhibitions. I realise I’m not entirely without blame, I was silly stupid for staying out with a group of strangers alone. I was even more stupid to let a drink be bought for me and to have drunk it without seeing where it came from. While I accept partial blame, I still feel violated and feel quite unsafe. I’ll get over it, I’ll shake it off – but it’s a pretty weird feeling, situation and experience to work through.

I may have learnt my lesson the hard way, but at least I have learnt it;

Never accept a drink that has been given to you without seeing where it has come from.

xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥


3 thoughts on “lesson learned

  1. Thank goodness it ended the way it did! You really don’t have that much responsibility in this. A woman SHOULD be able to go out with a friend, enjoy libations, talk to strangers, and enjoy a fun and safe evening.

    It definitely sounds like you were slipped something which is disgusting an deplorable but even if you weren’t that guys behavior remains just as disgusting.

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