when one plus one doesn’t equal two

October 2015

I finally spoke to someone about it. My amazing Saron, she didn’t judge me, she just listened, hugged me and passed the tissues and the chocolate.

I told her all I know, all I remember…

She asks me a lot of questions about the night, to try jog my memory. She tells me what she knows of me as a person, of my morals, my values and how after all the times she has seen me drunk, she’s never seen them change.

The turning point in her questioning comes after she’s been tapping away on her phone for awhile; “What’s the very last thing you can remember?”.

That’s when I realise my final memory is drinking half the glass of wine that was bought for me – by him and his friends. From there, the night is a complete blank.

Something does’t add up.

xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥



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