snail mail

September 2015

It’s always as things are going well, things are looking up – that your ex decides it’s time to stir things up – isn’t it?!

On the eve of London Fashion Week, after I have worked my little NZ butt off at this global event, coupled with being on a bit of a high from a few successful dates (with the Rugby player!), I have been feeling pretty good about life to be honest. I’m doing well at work and I have been reminded what butterflies feel like.

You know what? I have realised that actually I’m completely fine about the situation with Trouble. My apple cart may have been upset, but…I never really liked apples anyway!

Enter; the man himself.


At the beginning of the week I heard from Trouble – again. It had been a week or two since he made proper, non Facebook/snapchat, contact with the digs about not having heard from me. This time? He asked me to call him. I told him I couldn’t.

He called anyway.

Was it nice to hear his voice? Yes.
Did my wall of anger and negative feelings slightly start to crumble? A little.
Did I quickly snap out of it as soon as I hung up and registered the situation?ABSO-EFFING-LUTELY!

Funnily enough, he wasn’t too happy to hear that a) I had made my own arrangements for the upcoming trip to Wales for the rugby, b) I wasn’t clearing my calendar next week in order to catch up with him instantly upon his arrival to my city London or c) my response to his revelation that it is next week that he is making the permanent move London: “let me know when you can collect your stuff!”.

Oh well – what did he honestly expect?!

Cake + eat it =…. nope.


It’s 10pm, I’ve just walked in the door from my final day of building my space at LFW and I check the mail; a big envelope, Troubles name, my address…um pardon?!

Cheeky. Little. Shit.

I send a quick photo to Trouble to show him what has arrived for him, and where, via snail mail. His response?

“Yay! Does this officially mean we’re living together now? 😉 haha”

He never ceases to amaze me.

Are all men this delusional?

xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥


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