September 2015

I never sent my letter to Trouble. Not that I ever really intended to…but still, I didn’t even make contact in my moment of weakness – which personally, I think is something to be proud of.

One small step for bambi, one giant leap for…the distanced hearts club!

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a spare moment to give Trouble a second thought – hallelujah I hear you say. But actually, how totally fab is that?! I’m so much stronger than a) I thought I was b) he will think I have been. It might be the second time in as many paragraphs that I’m blowing my own trumpet…but if I can’t do it here, online, under an alias – where can I – right?!

I haven’t made any proper contact actually at all since he set off from London on his OE two months ago. He has made contact, as we know, but only via snapchat and Facebook – sending an array of selfies (standard, topless & even bedtime ones…) & tagging me in personal things on the infamous online book, such as elephants and celeb crush articles – oh, and we all remember the blurred lines “you look hot” message. So although he has been the one to cyber flirt, no actual messaging has occurred. This a new concept for us. Something we have never done for longer than a week since the very first day we met. Sad huh, but it is what it is.

I truly believe that this alone is the sole reason for the ‘heart ache recovery’ success story I am currently playing lead female in. It’s weird. But it is so necessary. How could I ever move on from someone who I am used to having a long distance relationship via mobile with, if the phone based contact continued?

Strength and recovery haven’t been the only byproducts of my severing of ties with Trouble plan of attack either. This new found fresh start has allowed – and encouraged – my mind to open up to the idea of dating. I know I’ve mentioned before that I joined the ugly world of tinder and that my girlfriends and I seem to be un-dateable – but *breaking news* – I have now up-date’d things; I have been on a date!

And what a first date it was.

He was tall, dark and handsome, he was kind and polite, there was no awkwardness or silent patches and there was instant chemistry, we kissed on the side of the road for what seemed like forever and we both struggled to say goodbye.

Oh and did I mention he was a gentleman and messaged me within half an hour of the drawn out goodbye, checking I made it home safely and letting me know how much of a lovely night he had had.

What more could a girl want?!

He (we’ll call him The Rugby boy) asked told me that we need a second date and we have scheduled one for a weeks time – after I’m back from my Scandanavian adventure. Here’s hoping date two goes as well as the first and I can continue this up-date-ing from Trouble thing I’m finally getting used to – and quite enjoying I must say!

So you know what I’ve decided out of all this? My key learnings, my recommendations, my mantra; when you’re on your personal path of the heart and you’ve come across a detour or some bumps in the road…

Never, ever, date below what you had previously or what you deserve. Always up-date.

xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥


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