the undateables

August 2015

It’s strange how life works. One minute you’re twenty-four, in a serious relationship with the love of your life, while a lot of your close friends are single – next minute you’re twenty-eight and single, again and the same friends are now buying houses, getting married and/or having babies.

A lot of my best friends are settling down  have settled down. It’s not that I’m jealous of their life, it’s not that I’m not happy for each and every one of them, don’t get me wrong. I love my life and wouldn’t change it for theirs, but sometimes, when it’s a Saturday night and the date the cute guy I had been looking forward to has fallen through – I just wonder….why not me? Am I that un-dateable?!

Three quarters of my Flossie posse are currently single and we have been for a while. We’re all decent looking, normal, successful, fun-loving girls and to be fair, without being self-righteous, each of us are bloody good catches! Yet none of us seem to even be able to secure a date lately….. We’re not crazy girls who are looking for a husband, a white picket fence and 2.4 kids in three seconds flat. We’re not stalkers, we’re not un-reasonable, we’re not ugly – we’re down to earth, good girls, who just want to be entertained by the idea that there is someone out there who might just fancy taking us out for a cheeky glass of vino. Whether it goes anywhere or not, we’re not overly fussed – WE JUST WANT TO BE TAKEN ON A DATE!

Flossies: Noun Four kiwi girls living in London; more like sisters than friends; best friends, soul mates

We all know I need a date. Not only have I barely had any in my historical long distance string of romances, but I especially need to get a few dates under my belt before Trouble returns from his three months gallivanting around Europe. It’s not about the guy, or meeting the love of my life, it’s about me – my experience, my confidence. I need to know I’m not undateable. You’d think being being a tall blonde with longer than normal legs it wouldn’t be the hardest thing in the world to get a date – as every one of my loved up girlfriends always tells me – but trust me, it’s a whole lot harder than one would think. I realise I do get attention from the opposite sex, however, the attention I seem to receive isn’t exactly what I’m after…

Example a) The Flossie’s and I recently spent the day at the Ascot races. We were all dolled up, in new outfits, no hair out of place and our make up done to perfection. You’d think the men would be queueing up right? WRONG! The only attention I managed to get was from a love-struck boy from Essex who continued to tell me that he ‘couldn’t even speak‘ to me because he was ‘so in love‘, – that he’s ‘never felt like this before‘. How unattractive?! He followed me around like a wet mop, spoke more to my best friend than he did to me – and within an hour of introducing himself, he claimed that he had ‘fallen in love‘. Hardly the type of romance – or man – that I’m after is it?!

Example b) Last weekend Tweedles (the bff) and I were sitting in Finsbury Park making the most of the sun, when a young man walked passed us, looked stared and proclaimed ‘Oh wow, amazing’ . We looked at each other and giggled….  ‘I wish I could be there!’  he then said, as he decided to take a seat right behind us. Really?! Hardly a pick up line unable to be fallen for.

Neither example are recipe for a dream date…. *sigh*

With our chances of meeting a potential suitor in the real world seem slim to none, the three of us single Flossie’s are spending our spare time swiping – usually left – on tinder. It’s proving to be more of a source of entertainment than anything, with swiping right being nearly as rare as meeting the man of our dreams on our commute to work each day.

We occasionally see a profile we like, we match with them, start chatting and get a little excited that maybe this is the lucky guy who will take us on a date…however so far it seems that these guys are looking for a pen text pal, rather than a date. Honestly, it’s beginning to feel like it’s literally impossible to get a date around here.

Are we really that un-dateable?

Ah well, maybe we’re destined to be a trio of single girls? At least we’re in it together – right?!


xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥


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