a nice surprise

 July 2015

Trouble left four days ago. Not much, and no one else has really been on my mind for the last six months, let alone the last wee while. Luckily I’ve been somewhat chained to my desk since his departure, a strangely welcome distraction from my troubled mind. My phone beeps late one afternoon while I’m at work, the same alias name I saw in my other inbox six months ago has appeared on my screen. Before my heart can even skip a beat, I’m flooded with confusion. It’s been months since I sent the copywriter the kind gesture message. It’s been even longer since the only time I have ever met him. It can’t actually be him – can it?

I swipe the notification and open the message to see “Hi“.

That’s it? Weird. Spam? Must be spam. Definitely spam. There’s no other possible explanation…

25 minutes later my phone beeps again. When I swipe the notification this time, I see a message resembling more of a novel than the previous spam like ‘hi‘ …

Sorry about the kinda slow response.. I think I fell into the trap of trying to plan a good response to your message, and in doing so, not getting round to doing it. Classic *copywriter*

It was strange the way I met you and then you instantly disappeared, but I increasingly feel like getting out as well. You made a good call. I signed a full-time contract which is cool cos it’s been a pretty quick start in the advertising game for me, but I’m not sure how I feel about it all. The hours I’ve been working are ridiculous…I don’t know who to blame about it.. but something has to change.

Well, this is a surprise? I read on…my mind completely and utterly baffled – but also intrigued.

I’m starting to feel like I need another adventure. I think when I’m lost on a journey in some strange place where everything is new to me, it’s the only time I feel like I’m completely without regret. Here in this office you just feel yourself getting older in the glow of a laptop screen while the seasons change outside the window. You know? haha.. maybe I’m being dramatic.

Is he high?

Is he really weird?

I read it again. I can’t concentrate at my desk – lucky its 6pm so I shouldn’t be too far away from my hour-long commute home where I know I will read this message over and over again. I’m on the train and I swear I have read his words twenty times – each time, a bashful like smile, similar to the one I grew the first and only night I met him, is growing on my face. I realise; he’s not weird at all, he’s speaking a language that I have been trying to speak for a while now. It’s like he is speaking from inside my mind –  but he’s doing it eloquently and rather beautifully. Dam, this man can write.

This is foreign to me, a male who can write. It doesn’t mean he is high, it doesn’t mean he is weird – and it’s suddenly hugely attractive.

Hey if my response was too slow and you’re over it then that’s fair, but would be cool to hear where you are and what you have been up to..

I don’t know what it is he is referring to me being potentially ‘over’ but I feel like the strange and instant connection made six months ago has just resurfaced in front of my very eyes. I had almost forgotten how intense that night was, how intense those looks were, those feelings. Yet here I am, six months later, on the other side of the world, having never seen  him again – and it’s all coming back to me.

Talk about out of the blue. I don’t really know what to make of it, how to take it in, let alone how to respond. The only thing I know is that this is one of the nicest surprises ever.

Surreal, but nice.


Almost as nice as a coffee being hand delivered to your desk, the morning after the Mexican night before, by a man who completely captivated you…

*sigh* – like I’ve said before – I’m not often interested – really interested – in a man. But when I am, it’s almost guaranteed that he will not be in the same country as me.

xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥


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