blurring boundaries

July 2015

So let’s get this straight. Trouble’s main concern that awful night of the fight was that he didn’t want to blur the boundaries between us. Fine. Fair enough. Blurring boundaries makes things hard – it’s confusing and it doesn’t set up a good base for a friendship.

It’s been three weeks since he left on his travels and no word-based contact has been made. And you know what? I am so pleased about it. Out of sight, out of mind – out of contact, even further out of mind!

It doesn’t help that his sentimental and important items are currently in my flat (mothers wedding ring, laptop, suits, glasses, important documents…). They’re all currently under my bed so that he remains out of sight out of mind – but his favourite gift from me (a signed rugby ball of his favourite player) he decided to prop up on a display shelf in my room. I hate it being there. I haven’t moved it though have I?

The only contact I have made to him since he left was a snapchat of some rosary beads while I was at the Vatican – hardly wearing my heart on my sleeve. However on his behalf, there have been two interesting weird attempts at contact…

1. Pre rosary bead snapchat – a topless, pouting selfie via snapchat saying “Last night in Italy :(“

2. Post rosary bead snapchat – a text message, yesterday, through snapchat I’m assuming in response to my non-personal snapchat story while at the Ascot races – ‘you look pretty hot in that snapchat story’

Um excuse me? Since when do ‘friends’ message each other saying they look hot? I’m sorry but I would never message an ex, who I now only wanted to be friends with, saying they were looking ‘pretty hot’. Can you imagine how much of a crazy ex-girlfriend I would look if the roles were reversed? He would freak out and totally think I was still in to him.

Who’s blurring the boundaries now?! Not me.

I didn’t reply. What’s the point?

Can’t say I’m jumping for joy at the prospect of his return to London. Three weeks down, seven to go.

xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥


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