troubled waters

June 2015

With his impending arrival, this is quite possibly he worst time to find out that Trouble is seeing someone new. And has been for two and a half months.


I may have had my suspicions, but I never wanted to go fishing in the muddy waters. For starters, I don’t actually want to know. But secondly, I know I don’t have the right to know or ask? Do I?

Then the morning after the phone call in the wee hours, that pesky thing we hate to love/love to hate – Facebook – reveals that I had fallen hook, line and sinker for the ignorance is bliss mentality I had been living. I see a comment from a friend of Trouble’s mentioning his lack of partying due to being ‘married’. I send a screenshot straight to Trouble and ask if there is anything he wants to tell me before he arrives in London next week. His reply is blunt; there’s nothing going on and even if there was, he doesn’t have to check it over with me. Ouch. He is right though. I mean we are both single, and I’ve been up to a bit of mischief myself I guess?

The next day I have another inkling of a suspicion…I don’t want to go in to too much detail so to cut a long story short, Trouble is in fact seeing someone, has been since April and she just so happens to be the cousin of a friend of mine back home.

My heart, my stomach and my jaw all drop just like the bomb that has been thrown my way. After six months not seeing each other and one week till we see each other, we’ve moved from muddy waters to Troubled waters. Not ideal.

Well…I guess my fears, suspicions and anxiety around his move and ‘us’ have just been justified though haven’t they?! At least I know I can trust my gut.

xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥


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