here we go again

June 2013

He’s gone. He’s landed. He’s changed his Facebook location from Auckland, New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia. Sound familiar?

I get home from work and I’m emotionally, physically and mentally drained. I wonder if I will ever hear from him again? He definitely was Trouble wasn’t he. I didn’t want to feel flat when he left, I wanted to feel relieved, liberated and proud of myself for having a fling. Things never work out the way you plan do they?

It’s 7pm and my phone beeps – it’s Trouble sharing his new number and telling me he landed safely. Bless. Such a sweetheart. We chat a little bit but he’s off out with who we’ll call ‘Babe’ – his best friend who lives in Brisbane who I have never met.

He left Wednesday, it’s now Sunday…we’re booking flights for me to visit him in Brisbane.

We text every single day, talk on the phone every couple of nights and we’re more smitten than ever. I fly off to Brisbane and he meets me at the airport. We’re nervous, we’re shy and we’re really cute actually. We have an amazing four days in the sun with Babe and his girlfriend. Things are wonderful, I get along with all of his friends, they all treat me as though I have always been there.

The goodbye arrives, we drive to the airport in silent sadness. We couldn’t be more different to the giddy, nervous pair that were at the airport four days ago. The goodbye is awful, the worst. I cry my entire way through customs, I find out when I land back in New Zealand that he sat and just moped at the airport for over an hour after I left it breaks my heart – silly move I tell him given the cost of airport parking…

So here we are, venturing in to a completely unplanned and unpredicted long distance relationship. This one is different though, we are like love-sick puppies. How can someone make me laugh and make me smile this much without even being in each others presence? It is so different to the long distance relationship I had with the Train Driver – maybe I can do this? We talk every night without fail for two to three hours, we have date nights where we push play on a movie at the same time, we plan trips all the time back and forth to see each other – each trip, date and conversation making us stronger and happier. Crazy. Clearly we have something pretty special for this to be happening, the effort and dedication is immense, on both parts.

I said I’d never wear the t-shirt again – but here I am wearing it and accepting how it looks and feels – all because of who has asked me to wear it this time. I’m not sure how sustainable it is with no conversation around a light at the end of the tunnel, but for now I’m happy. Really happy.

xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥


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