the real life rom-com | part two

March 2013

It’s Friday afternoon and Giraffe and I are in full plan making swing for the impending weekend. From across the office an email pops up from her;

“[Trouble] has messaged, he wants to see you again! He wants me to bring you to a dinner tonight!”

“No way! I am definitely not interested, he’s hot don’t get me wrong – but I really don’t want to get involved with a guy like that. He barely even spoke to me on Sunday! Weirdo”

“Ok fine, fair enough – drinks at mine instead with a few of the girls ok?”

“Sounds perfect, can’t wait!”

We race out of work at 5.30pm on the dot with a bottle or two of wine in hand. Drinks flow on her deck, with the most beautiful sunset to welcome the night ahead. It gets late and we decide to jump in a taxi to go up the road for a few drinks at a bar – to potentially meet some real life people, not just those in our sunset filled bubble.

The taxi pulls over outside a restaurant and we get out. Coincidentally, a large group of people who Giraffe seems to know come out of the restaurant – “[Trouble], you remember my friend don’t you?”. I look at her in disbelief, I can’t believe she has managed to trick me in to this, I turn to him, smile and say hello, I look back at her with a look nothing short of furious – but she is gone – she is sitting back in the taxi with her hand up over the side of her face and as I yell her name as she pulls away.

I can not believe it. I am stranded on the side of the road on a Friday night with a group of people I do not know and a guy I do not like. He asks me to come for a drink, I obviously decline and being my search for a taxi. I can’t believe Giraffe has done this to me – left me with people I don’t know, despite the fragile situation my heart, body and soul is in at the moment. I realise we’re new friends, but I still never would’ve expected this? He asks again, and again I decline – politely of course.

He won’t give up, he asks again and points that the group of people he is with is literally going up the road to a bar four doors up so I my as well go for a drink given it’s so close, it would be silly not to. I run out of excuses and ways to say no and give in – fine, I tell him, I’ll go for a drink. He looks me dead in the eye and with a cheeky but infatuating look on his face and says to me;

famous last words

Never have three words infuriated or captured me more.

xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥


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