the real life rom-com | part one

March 2013

Giraffe is right, a glass of champagne and a new friend is exactly what I need. I agree to go up the road, (in to actual public!!) for a jug of delicious Pimm’s, and it’s here that Giraffe tells me her friend is meeting us. Panic shoots through my blood like I’ve just been injected by a needle of fear… “breathe…breathe…you haven’t had too many drinks to drive (yet) so you can still get home if it all gets too much” I whisper to myself.

The friend arrives who seems lovely and they quickly begin catching up. Shyness, insecurity and nerves have kicked in to full force and I’m not contributing anything to the conversation – but it gets pretty saucy pretty quick so i’m intrigued. A story is being told about a guy and girl they both know and their interesting (/asphyxiating) sexual encounters/her sexual desires. Gross – but shockingly interesting – similar to that of a car crash, you can’t help but look. The story then evolves in to their demise, how she found out he was back seeing the girl he was seeing before her and the ultimate show down. My take on the situation is that everyone involved simply sounds insane, neurotic and bunny boiler crazy, but it seems to be justified because it’s who he is – the guy that has a different girl for every night of the week. My only contribution to the conversation is ‘what a prick’ – to which Giraffe and friend respond with “actually, you’d really like him!”. I look at them in confusion and almost disgust while they continue to discuss his ladies man, troublesome antics.

They continue to push the idea on me, but my completely uninterested mind wanders off the bars balcony and over to the well dressed man outside Pita Pit slumped over a table in what looks like a desperate state of hangover induced hunger. Something about this young man catches my eye and captures my attention. The girls are still at me about their ladies man of a friend – who we’ll call Trouble – and the only way to end their gossip and wishful matchmaking is to take a bit of a stand; “I have just broken up with [the train driver]. I am still madly in love with him and want to be with him. There is no way I want to be set up with anyone – especially not the player you were just talking about!”. That shut them up so I leave them talking between themselves while my eyes wander back to the hungry man at Pita Pit. He gets up to cross the road – I can finally see him properly, and to say I’m impressed is an understatement. He is hot!

I find myself exclaiming out loud “That guy is such a babe! I hope he comes in to the bar!”.

Giraffe looks at me. A cheeky grin quickly appears on her face.

“That’s him, that’s Trouble!”


xo bambi

distanced hearts club ♥


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